Billy Hubbard: A Refreshingly Unaffected Troubadour

Melt into Billy Hubbard's sweet imperfection. 

Ah, Billy. Thank you for reminding us that you don’t need to make a song slick and pretty to do the work it’s suppose to do. In fact, when it comes to your voice, gentle cowboy, the more scratchy and scraggly, the more appealing. For what is the point, really, of making music, unless it is to anchor us to the moment of our lives and bring us home to ourselves? This is what your music does for me. Let me rest in your raggedy songs some more. It's time to put aside the auto-tuned, overproduced, Tide-smelling commercial songs with their stylists and airbrushes in tow. I seek that quiet conversation with Billy, who’s gonna’ tell us all about what it feels like to hold hands on a midnight train and look into your gorgeously imperfect lover’s eyes as the beautiful ruin of time and loss settles around us.

Though you sing to us of suffering, Billy, we feel it’s all gonna’ be okay. Because as the world crumbles and falls, we take comfort in your rough-hewn inflections and gravely poetry and believe that you will keep singing us the lullaby we need to get though this day. With those loose and sweet plinkey-plinks of your acoustic guitar, sometimes woven with layers of dreamy fiddle and fussy banjo, and when we’re lucky the sumptuous voices of Bethany Jean Smith and Lauren Joseph, rock us in your cradle of raw emotion some more and let us finally welcome the tears that roll in.  Finally, we've remembered how smile and cry, and stop trying to be perfect.

Billy Hubbard’s Biography

Singer/Songwriter ranked TOP 10 GLOBAL Americana artist by ReverbNation 2014, as well as his global ranking he’s been consistently ranked #1 ALL Genre in the Knoxville TN market.

His songs that stream free on ReverbNation are raw and unpolished. Much of today's recorded music has become like a Photoshopped model on a magazine cover. If you're looking for flawlessly engineered music with pitch correction, perfect tempos, and cookie cutter songs from a Nashville song mill, then he may not be your cup of tea. What he hopes you will find here is a unique freelance from the heart style of fun music/lyrics with depth. Each original song is base true life events and experiences of some sort. When possible, he records most of these live using one track and mic for vocals, guitar, and harmonica as his family did in the 1940's.
The amazing voice of Bethany Jean Smith is featured as he covers Darrell Scott's song "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive". Bethany also performs on several other Americana songs. Lauren Joseph (with her soothing Norah Jones sound) is featured on "No Greater Love".

“The music in my family goes back as far as I've been able to trace. My grandpa Charlie Goins who was born in 1898 was said to have a dozen or more friends sitting on the roof of his wood shed every weekend playing music. He was also friends with Roy Acuff when they worked together before Roy made it in music. The old black & white pic in my group shows a 1947 pic of my mom at 15 yrs old, her sister, her brother and others at an east TN radio station with her group the ‘Tennessee Pardners.’ They played with and were friends with several great artists of their day, such as the Carter Family. My mom's brother even named his daughter June Valerie Goins, after Valerie June Carter. Another of my cousins was born same day as Archie Campbell's son Phil causing my uncle and Archie to both leave the radio station and get to the hospital just in time for both their sons to be born. The Gibson mandolin my mom holds in the black & white photo is the one I played on these tracks. Thanks for taking time to check me out!”

Billy Hubbard Music is a member of BMI & the Americana Music Association.

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