Minor Nine: Okay, maybe I am a metal head.

Minor Nine. All right, you got me.

I took a deep breath and thought, do I really have to write about a metal band tonight? Nothing against metal; it’s just that it has to be really good to get me. And there are so many mediocre metal bands, in my opinion. Oh, man, I was in for a cool surprise. These guys totally rock out and are tasteful. The first song I listened to Mark Afraid to Fly on Reverbnation totally got me immediately. Oh, yeah! The badass vocalist Rex Green starts the song amid slinky sweet guitars and has that boyish beauty and suppleness in his tone mixed with something sexy and raw that goes right to the marrow. And these lyrics are not your typical metal lyrics. They are interesting and nuanced and charged with strange stories. Rex’ inflections are subtle and emotional and then filled with believable aggression. I couldn’t understand all of the lyrics, but I could tell they were anything but clichés. Okay, maybe I’m a metal head after all if this is metal.

Minor Nine won't slow down. 

Minor Nine was formed in 2012 by Rob Ruddick and Rex Green. Rob and Rex were soon joined by Matt Fahey and Thadd Presley. They quickly began writing and adapting songs to the new line-up. Within three months, they had begun playing shows and quickly started recording their new songs. The band is just over a year old and has played over 60 shows. With the writing style of Thadd and Rex, blended with the guitar influences of Rob, combined with the youth of Matt, he is only 14 years old -- the sound of Minor Nine is fresh and new. The members are still feeling the excitement from being in a band that works well. The alternative metal genre is home to many bands, but Minor Nine sticks out even amongst these many different sounds because of the range they play and the distinctive vocals. There is no one genre that they completely fall into, which is what every good band can boast.  Their music is in a league of it's own. Visit to hear the music and find out where the next show will be.

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